Grant Application

Interested in applying for an HEF grant? You can use this form to do so.

2017 grant applications are due by December 1, 2017.

We like to fund:
  • Grants that reach a large number of learners
  • Creative and innovative programs and ideas
  • Non-consumable items that can be used each year
  • Start-up programs
We do not fund:
  • Consumable items like food, t-shirts, prizes
  • Transportation
  • Substitute teachers
  • The same program for more than one year


Fill out this form to apply for an HEF grant.



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Project Title:

Brief description of project:

Goals and Corresponding Outcomes
What are the goals and expected outcomes of the request? (Please explain in layman terms.)

Project Impact
How many students will be positively affected if request is awarded? (Please provide a specific number.)

Lasting Impact
How long will the proposed project last?

Project Effectiveness
How will you be able to measure the effectiveness of the project if awarded?

Research Based
Is the proposed project supported by research to benefit students?

Amount requested: (A maximum of $500 may be requested.)

Other funding sources:

Project timeline:

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Grant recipients will be required to:
submit a picture/pictures/video of your project to HEF by May 1, 2018.
have obtained the necessary permissions to allow the HEF to use students' images on its website and marketing materials by May 1, 2018.
submit a short report by May 1, 2018, describing the program or experience and the response of the children. It must include whether the program met your expectations, things that you would change or improve upon, and your overall evaluation of the success of the educational experience for the children.

By checking this box, you certify that the above information is true and that you have the permission of your school principal to apply for this grant.

Please contact Nick Ceglarek at (616) 669-1740, ext. 1, if you have any questions.